We are developers building community—

modern urban infill that anchors people, not just city blocks;
that retains context, history and experience, not just tenants;
and that creates culture and connection, not just ROI.

We are experienced professionals trained in an institutional setting, but we do things very differently, driving profits by cultivating strong communities and building assets that attract people and endure.




By identifying macroeconomic trends that impact the built environment, we pursue development opportunities that respond to inefficiencies in the market. Active in all major product types in both adaptive reuse and new construction, we engage in a deliberate value creation process to produce truly unique destinations and best-in-class results. We do it — successfully, passionately, and above all profitably – with the utmost respect for the communities in which we are building.

Our collaboration with property owners helps determine the best, most exciting, highest-concept use for their sites, and we then serve as consultant or developer-partner to make the project a reality. We provide a full suite of development services, from architecture and construction coordination to pro forma analysis and reporting; from vision and programming to debt and equity financing procurement, due diligence, marketing, leasing oversight and lease negotiation.

We provide a unique, hands-on approach to asset management, complementing the physical attraction of our assets with a creative positioning and programming platform. Our commitment to institutional-quality reporting means our partners can expect our projects to outperform their peer set long after the construction phase. Today’s real estate consumer desires a different kind of relationship with its landlord, and we engage with our tenants to help their businesses grow.

Think of us as “White Hat” real estate developers: system-breakers at work for the good of our industry and communities.

Capitalize on Reurbanization

Cities are the new frontier, and we intend to capitalize on a wave of demographic flows into urban environments that mirror the surburban expansion of decades past. We believe in the durability and outperformance of cities, the intellectual and cultural advantages of diverse populations, and strong Millennial preferences for them.

Bridge The Southeastern Gap

Traditionally, real estate in the South has centered around commodity development, sometimes at the expense of context and the history of the area. In other markets, modern urban infill projects generate highly sought-after spaces commanding premium rents, while maintaining a cultural connection and sense of place. Now, many up-and-coming properties in our region are finally getting the attention, upgrades and industry focus they deserve.

Create ROI Through QOL

Real estate that focuses on Quality of Life (QOL) outperforms in up markets and retains tenants in down markets. It creates connection, which turns prospects into tenants and tenants into long-term partners and homemakers.


Pierce Lancaster and Hank Farmer, the founders of Third and Urban
Pierce Lancaster and Hank Farmer founded Third & Urban in 2014 with the goal of developing creative urban infill projects throughout the Southeast. The former colleagues applied their experience working on large projects and in multiple asset classes up and down the East Coast to form their own unique approach to development. In the last decade, Third & Urban has emerged as a leader in mixed-use real estate, known for its placemaking strategies, keen design sensibilities and strong returns.

Things That Inspire Us


Partnering with leading institutional investors including major banking institutions, asset managers and private equity funds, our portfolio features a range of value-add and redevelopment projects.